Program for the May 2019 Concert

With Pleasure, An Original Rag ~ John Philip Sousa

Napoli, Canzone Napolitana con Variazioni ~ arr. Herman Bellstedt
Trumpet soloist: Daniel Kassteen

With Malice Toward None ~ John Williams
Trumpet soloist: Daniel Kassteen
Piano accompanist: Rakesh Babu

Pictures at an Exhibition ~ Modeste Moussorgsky


Promenade · The Gnome · Promenade · The Old Castle · Promenade · Dispute between children at play · The Ox-Cart · Promenade · Ballet of the unhatched chickens · Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle · Promenade · The Market at Limoges · The Catacombs · Cum mortuis in lingua mortua · Baba-Yaga · The Great Gate of Kiev

Loyal Sons

The Alma Mater

Pictures at an Exhibition

"Pictures at an Exhibition"

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