Rehearsal Schedule

IMPORTANT: Please review the information below before attending rehearsals.

  • Please review the COVID-19 Policy.

  • Band members must register their vehicle with the University to park on campus. Contact us if you need more information.

  • To print the schedule, open a printable version and click the “print schedule” button.

  • Would you like to subscribe to or import the RUAWS schedule into your personal calendar? Details are available below the schedule.

Unless otherwise noted, all rehearsals are 10:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m. in Rehearsal Hall 104.

Do you dread adding each RUAWS rehearsal and concert to your personal calendar? No worries!

The RUAWS Rehearsal Calendar is available as a publicly published read-only Google calendar that you can subscribe to or import into your personal electronic Google or non-Google calendar. The subscribe/import information is provided below. If you don't know how to subscribe or import a calendar, please refer to the help feature in your calendar application.

NOTE: You will always be notified via email of all new schedules and updates.

SUBSCRIBE - Information for Google Calendar Users

  • Option 1: Go to RUAWS Google Calendar and click the +Google Calendar button in the lower right corner and the RUAWS Rehearsal Calendar will be added to your Google Calendar under “Other Calendars”.

  • Option 2: Use Subscribe to Calendar and copy/paste the Google Calendar ID below.

SUBSCRIBE - Information for Other Calendar Application Users

  • Subscribe by copying (not clicking) the iCal feed URL below and pasting it into the subscribe field in your application.

IMPORT - Information for All Calendar Application Users

To perform and import, you will download a current snapshot of events in the RUAWS Rehearsal Calendar and then upload it to your calendar application. We strongly recommend that you first create a new blank calendar in your calendar application separate from your personal/primary calendar. Then import the file into that new blank calendar. If you ever need to remove the RUAWS events, having them in a separate calendar will make this trivial; otherwise, you will have to manually delete each event from your primary calendar.

  1. Add a new blank calendar and name it something like “RUAWS Rehearsal Calendar” or whatever you like.

  2. download the .ics file (click the link and it will download to your device)

  3. Import/upload the file to your calendar application.

Need Help?

  • First, please refer to the help feature in your calendar application for details on how to subscribe to or import public calendars.

  • If you have questions, check out the RUAWS Calendar Subscribe/Import FAQ page for answers.

  • If you still cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to contact the RUAWS Website Administrator.